Hosted Call Recording as a Service

Call recording has traditionally been viewed simply an upgrade or extension to a PBX service. With EU legislation set to drive huge demand for call recording, this view looks increasingly out of date and out of touch. Instead, it’s a powerful business on its own that can generate significant value.

With European legislation mandating the recording of mobile voice calls in financial markets soon to come into effect, it’s worth thinking about how this creates significant opportunities for service providers. Until relatively recently, call recording has been seen as something of an adjunct to traditional voice services. Our customers have tended to offer mobile UC or PBX services first, with call recording being added as an optional extra.

There’s nothing wrong in this per se but we think it’s time to change this perspective. In fact, the changes to legislation suggest that a reversal of this should now take place. To be clear, call recording is sufficiently important for it to be a standalone service in its own right, not simply as an extension of a mobile voice service. Call recording is not the neglected baby brother any more: Hosted Call Recording as a Service (HCRaaS) is valuable, important and will be much in demand, particularly for a seamless mobile version.

Today, there are solutions but they are typically clunky, with calls having to be routed via a fixed PBX or a two stage set up. That’s not practical. Instead, an efficient, SIM enabled service, with the recording and storage taking place in the cloud is much more desirable as it require no form of user interaction and uses network resources in the most efficient manner. That’s how we enable this service for our customers. It’s easy, efficient and doesn’t require any user intervention. It just works.

One of the consequences of legislation can be that it drives general change even though it may not be mandated. We expect that many organisations whose dialogues and conversations are not covered by the legislation to, none-the-less, adopt call recording solutions as standard. It will become, in some industries, the norm. As a result, we think that it’s likely that there will be significant, sustained and growing demand for call recording and the best way by far to deliver this is via a hosted, SIM-based platform that guarantees full mobile coverage and support.

So, while we think a key pillar of any enterprise or B2B strategy is delivering of hosted call management and UC capabilities, we are convinced that Hosted Call Recording as a Service can be equally, if not even more valuable.

Have you thought about how you can deliver call recording to your business customers? Why not talk to us at MVNOs’ World Congress and find out how we can help you deliver a service that promises to deliver outstanding growth and returns.

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