As Spring arrives, Gintel is blooming with four operators launching with Gintel

Gintel launches with four new operators this Spring, each with a dedicated B2B focus but each targeting different kinds of customers and business segments. From a start-up MVNO to one of the oldest operators in the world, find out how we’ve helped them launch new and strongly differentiated B2B services.

Spring is definitely on its way, even in frosty Norway. As it arrives and as we prepare for the annual reboot of the countryside, we’re glad to report that four new operators are in the process of launching B2B and hosted mobile UC services with Gintel.

These range from established and incumbent service providers, with their own rich network assets, including one of the world’s oldest operators, to start-up MVNOs that have invested in Gintel and trusted us to help them get to market. What each has in common is an absolute focus on its target customer base.

They are all using our Easy Business Communications Suite but are doing so with different business plans and policies in mind. That’s because they have invested heavily in their marketing and developing a rich understanding of their respective marketplaces. They are targeting different segments of the enterprise, different sizes of business and delivering different service packages to meet these needs.

The flexibility of the Easy Business Communications Suite solution enables us to support different service packages and approaches. It has the scalability to meet the needs of operators with millions of customers as well as those of one that has yet to win its first. Indeed, it’s because of this scalability that our smallest customer is confidently taking its first steps. It knows that our solutions can support its own ambitions for growth and so it has had the confidence to invest with us.

There’s really no doubt about it. If you want to grow your business, then a focus on B2B customers and their needs is mandatory. Unless you have significant media assets and partnerships, fighting the battle for consumer customers becomes a price war. That’s not a sustainable business – and yet people continue to talk. Communication has value that can be captured with the right service offers. It’s simply a matter of understanding what is needed in your market and positioning an offer in the right way.

And, not only do business users have different needs, different kinds of business users have different kinds of needs. Service providers are beginning to become aware of this differentiation – which is what we see in the go-to-market planning of our customers. They celebrate these differences and capitalise on it to advance their own competitive situation. They are building businesses for the future that will thrive, based on a deep understanding of business customers.

Why not find out how we can make your business bloom in 2016? Talk to us and we’ll explain how our customer have succeeded and how we can help you do the same. Meet us at the MVNOs’ World Congress and let’s make 2016 deliver a rich harvest.

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