Dipper has the happiest mobile customers in Norway!

Leading ratings agency, EPSI identifies Dipper as having the happiest and most loyal customers in Norway in its latest survey. Congratulations to Dipper, powered by Gintel!

Delivering outstanding customer satisfaction is widely recognised as a key goal for all mobile service providers, whether an MNO or an MVNO. Happy customers are more likely to stay with you and less likely to churn to a rival.

Of course, in practice, this isn’t always as easy to deliver as it sounds. It requires constant effort and practice. All of which makes it even nicer when we see the efforts of our customers being recognised.

Independent rating agency, EPSI has just released the findings of its 2015 survey of Norwegian Mobile Customers. Dipper, a leading MVNO with an exclusive focus on B2B customers has been shown to have Norway’s happiest corporate clients.

Congratulations to Dipper - that’s great news – it takes a lot of hard work to ensure continuous customer satisfaction and it’s wonderful to see Dipper’s efforts being recognised. The EPSI report specifically noted Dipper’s coverage, service and competitive prices as being of importance to its customers. What’s more, Dipper was also found to have the most loyal customers, according to EPSI measures.

That’s because Dipper has no contract lock-ins. Its customers remain customers because they are happy and because they are not forced to do so by lengthy contracts. That’s been a major differentiator and a significant contributor to Dipper’s success.

In a competitive market, it’s very hard to stand out. Dipper has achieved this with innovative processes and practices, supported by the flexibility of Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite. It’s a great achievement and we wish the team continued success in the future.

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