Nextel’s fixed mobile convergence solution, powered by Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite, wins Telecoms Inspirience award

It’s always wonderful to see our customers and partners being recognised in the media and we’re delighted to note that Nextel, a leading provider of ICT solutions in Belgium, was awarded the prestigious Telecoms Inspirience prize in a gala ceremony at the end of November 2015.

The award, for the “Best Telecom Solution for Small and Midsize Business”, was presented in recognition of the innovative nature of Nextel Global, a new, cloud-based UC service that offers true fixed mobile convergence.

In contrast to other, so-called UC services, Nextel Global places the mobile front and centre of the user experience. Many UC services are really an evolved version of a fixed IP Centrex platform, to which other capabilities have been added. They typically depend on data access in order to enable mobile connectivity, so that calls to the platform are merely forwarded to the mobile device. If the mobile device does not have sufficient data connectivity, either the forwarding will fail or the calling and called parties will suffer a poor experience.

Such solutions are more accurately described as nomadic, rather than mobile, as they depend on the user being established in different places that have sufficient data coverage, which cannot always be guaranteed.

However, Nextel Global is designed from the ground up to be mobile. Calls to the solution are routed to whichever is the chosen device of the user, irrespective of whether there is data coverage or not. It’s down to the user to choose how they accept the call. If they are in a WiFi zone, then that’s fine, if they are in a remote site with only GSM coverage, then it’s equally fine.

This means that, for the first time, business subscribers in Belgium can enjoy a truly mobile UC experience. It’s this key innovation that has been honoured by the judging panel. It’s a big step forward and we sincerely congratulate our friends at Nextel. If you would like to learn more about how to get mobile UC right, then why not talk to us or meet our team at MWC 2016?

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