VoLTE taking off, set to soar in 2016. Are you ready?

VoLTE deployments are accelerating rapidly and it’s essential to make sure that existing services can continue to function once migration has taken place. In particular, valuable enterprise services cannot suffer any disruption – and VoLTE could provide additional value to business customers. Gintel has already helped MNOs migrate UC and VPN services to VoLTE – find out how we can help you at MWC 2016.

According to research from the GSA, the number of VoLTE networks soared by more than 250% in 2015. Of course, we’re starting from a low base, but that’s changing fast. In fact, the GSA expects there to be more than 100 VoLTE networks by the end of 2016 and, in our opinion, the number is likely to be much greater.

Of course, the transition to VoLTE is a major task. It not only involves network upgrades but will impact existing services, the device fleet, interconnection and roaming, and more. In this context, it’s especially important to ensure that existing services continue to function as expected. And, it’s also essential to be confident that new services scheduled for deployment can also operate in a VoLTE network environment.

That’s why we’ve been working with our customers to ensure that their deployments of Easy Business Communications Suite and the Easy VPN are VoLTE ready. Already, services have been switched on in some of the networks in which we are deployed, while we anticipate more to follow in 2016. All of our customers can be confident that their investments in Gintel are safe and that their business customers will continue to enjoy the high quality hosted services they expect.

There is another aspect to this that should also be considered. VoLTE is designed to offer a superior experience to customers. However, it’s not generally believed that consumers are likely to pay for the HD voice experience. But business users may well be prepared to do so provided that it is combined with a service that offers value.

For example, a higher quality mobile conferencing service or mobile UC enhanced with HD audio could be something for which an enterprise is prepared to pay in order to obtain a better service than it could otherwise. For that reason, it’s not only the fact that mobile operators considering VoLTE launches must look at their service platforms and verify that they can continue to function once networks have been upgraded, they should also start to think about enhancements that can be made to business services as a result of the migration.

Our experience has grown from our work with MNOs that have launched VoLTE. We’re ready to help you as you transition to VoLTE and as you consider how to continue offering high value enterprise services. If your legacy solution cannot make the transition, we’re ready to help you ensure that you continue to deliver valuable services to your enterprise customers in the VoLTE world. Meet us at MWC 2016 to find out how we can help!

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