Delivering Enterprise Services from Rhino

Make the most of Rhino with ready-to-run B2B service applications, such as Voice VPN, Mobile PBX, Unified Communications and more. Replace EoL solutions with proven applications that ensure service continuity to key accounts and provide a platform for evolution to VoLTE and beyond.

Among the most deployed application server and service delivery solutions is Rhino, from Opencloud. It provides a complete framework for enabling real-time applications and services, that allows multiple applications to be delivered from a single platform to different user segments.

Of course, this open framework creates a world of possibility. The key to success, however, is focus. If you’ve already deployed Rhino, or a similar platform, accelerating time to market by deploying proven, revenue generating applications is critical.

At the same time, many operators that have successful enterprise services, such as VPN have been challenged by the withdrawal of support for these applications by the original vendor. They need to both maximise their returns from open service delivery platforms, at the same time as replacing core, revenue generating services that can have millions of customers

That’s where our experience and expertise matters. We’ve deployed a number of complete, replacement Voice VPN solutions on Rhino as direct replacements for legacy solutions. This offers seamless continuity of service that ensures the existing subscriber base continues to enjoy the benefits of the service with no interruption. We’ve migrated subscriber bases in excess of three million to the new application and then have helped our operator partners enhance functionality and move to a complete, VoLTE enabled network.

We offer turnkey applications that enable you to build on an existing Rhino deployment, adding immediate value and getting to market fast, such as complete Voice VPN applications, Mobile PBX and UC, and more. If you want to make the most of Rhino, replace an ageing legacy solution and prepare for the next generation of VoLTE enabled B2B applications, why not talk to Gintel?

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