Put the mobile first – why enterprise users demand a mobile first strategy

Business users increasingly prefer to use their mobiles for all communications. This means that mobiles are central to any UC approach, not secondary. Starting with the mobile is the only viable approach. Traditional fixed offers will be challenged by mobile-first solutions – so why not lead the way and give business users what they want?

One of the consequences of mobile adoption is that all users, not just consumers, increasingly regard their mobile as the primary device. The mobile is not a secondary device or an afterthought but rather the preferred terminal. The reason for this is simple: it’s always with us. Wherever we are, the mobile follows us. Thus, even when situated in an office, business users are more likely to reach for their mobile than a desk phone.

Evidence supports this conclusion – Recent research by telecom comparison agency Software Advice shows that more than 50% of both employees and business owners prefer to use their mobile for work calls. We anticipate that this figure will grow inexorably, particularly in smaller companies.

That’s why UC solutions that treat the mobile as something to which calls can be diverted when the user is out of the office have taken the wrong approach. The mobile is the preferred device, not a supplementary or secondary device. What’s more, many business users will never have a fixed device. Instead, the mobile is at the heart of their communications experience. As such, operators need to recognise this.

Of course, people may use other devices, so a true UC experience means that calls must be delivered to any available terminal, but users will be likely to only use such terminals opportunistically. This is a major shift and one that should be giving retailers of traditional phone systems pause for thought.

This means that UC solutions must be optimised for a mobile-first strategy. The mobile experience is thus fundamental and needs to be considered from the outset. It’s not something you add, it’s where you start. That’s why Mobile UC is now the only realistic approach to UC. If you want to know how to place mobility at the heart of your UC offer, then talk to us – we’ll show you how to implement a complete mobile UC experience, while ensuring any other device is fully integrated too.

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