Exploring MVNO Opportunities

MVNO opportunities are opening up all over the world. Despite the success of many, it can be challenging to build a successful business. Why not consider B2B markets and the opportunities they represent? Most small businesses depend on their mobiles, but few established operators provide dedicated SME services that are optimised for the needs of smaller businesses - but an MVNO can easily target SME customers with a compelling and easy to adopt proposition.

Judging by the buzz at the recent conferences we have attended, opportunities to build an MVNO business continue to attract a great deal of interest. It’s not hard to see why – many MVNOs have enjoyed great success and the share of the market secured by MVNOs is growing all the time.

Interest has also been fuelled by news from around the world regarding further market liberalisation. In more and more countries, traditional Mobile Network Operators are opening their networks to host new MVNOs. Sometimes, these are second-brand companies, leveraging the resources of the parent to target new niches; often they are large, established brands that extend service offers to cover mobile, but many are start-ups, seeking to capitalise on mobile growth.

However, whatever the starting point and despite the strong success of many, it’s clear that life can be tough. New entrants are often without significant resources and need a strong, clear business vision. Who are the target customers? What will be the compelling feature of the service? Why will people buy?

There are many different answers to these questions but we’ve noticed a clear consensus forming in the industry: if you want to launch an MVNO and don’t have a strong existing brand and don’t want to compete on price alone, then B2B markets represent the key untapped opportunity in most countries.

In particular, potential MVNOs are alert to the fact that, within the overall business market, SMEs represent a huge potential customer base. While there are plenty of services and providers orientated towards the needs of larger corporations, few operators have built compelling propositions for SMEs. But with mobility becoming increasingly important and the mobile becoming the primary device for many, there’s a growing need for more specialised solutions that can easily be adopted by small companies.

As a result, we’re seeing more and more start-up MVNOs turn their attention to the promise offered by SME customers. They seek to deliver value added services, typically hosted mobile Unified Communications to SME customers. The basic model is to provide a post-paid airtime package, with a subscription based Mobile UC service as an option but the key is to make the service simply to adopt and to purchase.

So, if you are considering opportunities to launch services as an MVNO or are struggling to make an impact in consumer markets, why not explore the potential to deliver services to SME customers? As a specialist provider of hosted enterprise communications solutions, we can help you plan market entry, get to market fast and then make the most of your offer. Talk to Gintel to find out how to capitalise on B2B service opportunities as an MVNO.


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