Seamless service migration: how to keep three million Voice VPN customers happy

Replacing a legacy Voice VPN solution is a common requirement as traditional vendors retire solutions or impose significant maintenance costs. Migration to Gintel’s Easy VPN solution not only provides a future-proof replacement, it can easily be customised to provide a complete replica of the existing service, which means your existing customer base can safely be migrated to the new platform.

As many traditional vendors declare End-of-Life (EoL) programmes for their voice VPN solutions, operators face a key challenge. How can they provide service continuity for valuable corporate customers?

It’s a problem we know very well. And, it gets worse: many voice VPN services have been tailored to meet the needs of individual operators, with the result that, while such voice services have common frameworks and principles, each implementation can have considerable differences. Which means that, when the existing solution vendor declares that their Voice VPN platform will no longer be supported, it creates a huge problem for the operator concerned.

They need to find a replacement but they can’t just buy an off-the-shelf solution. They need to ensure their customers continue to receive the service for which they are paying but, equally, they don’t want the expense of building a replacement solution from scratch.

Happily, there is a way forward. Our Easy VPN solution comes with a flexible service customisation interface, which means that it can easily be adapted to meet the needs of specific service implementations. It’s both an off-the-shelf solution as well as one that can be extended and tailored to meet individual requirements.

We can build a version that replicates the functionality of your existing service, which allows you to retire the legacy platform and migrate to a complete replacement. We’ve done this for live deployments, with millions of active subscribers. Our operator customer was able to switch off the legacy platform – and no-one noticed.

But that was only the start. Thanks to the ease with which new features and capabilities can be added, our customer can plan service enhancements for the future, something that would have been prohibitively expensive with the EoL solution that was running in maintenance mode.

Protecting service revenue from valuable customers is essential. Corporate customers depend on their voice VPN services. You can’t just turn them off and wave goodbye to the subscription fees – even if you wanted to, SLAs would likely mean that costly penalties would be incurred.

If you are confronted by this dilemma, then you should talk to Gintel. Our proven solutions, experience and expertise in service migration for large scale deployments mean we’re a safe pair of hands. The Easy VPN solution provides service continuity at a scale to meet the most demanding requirements. We’ll work with you to replicate an existing service – and be there throughout the migration process. And, once deployed, we can support service evolution to enable new capabilities and features. EoL of an existing solution doesn’t have to be a challenge – it can be an opportunity.

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