Hosted PBX and UC Services to surge by more than 20% in 2015

Global demand for hosted PBX and UC services is soaring, according to recent research. When traditional revenue streams are stagnant or even in decline, MNOs and CSPs must look to other areas for growth – look no further than hosted business services. But, if you don’t act, then other providers are waiting to step in…

According to industry analysts IHS Infonetics, the number of of Cloud-based PBX and UC service seats is set to surge by more than 20% in 2015. As mobile operators and other Communications Service Providers (CSPs) struggle to cope with falling consumer demand and little or no growth, this must be a wakeup call.

If you want to grow, then a strategic focus on markets that exhibit strong growth must be in your thinking. That’s why Cloud PBX and UC services should be a priority – there’s proven and growing demand for such capabilities and penetration rates mean there is plenty of room for future sustained growth.

What’s more, business customers are willing to pay for such services, generating valuable incremental revenue that goes beyond the cost of simple service bundles. In fact, so attractive is this market that it’s no wonder that new offers are entering the market from non-traditional providers.

That’s a risk. MNOs and CSPs have already been threatened by the widespread availability of consumer services from Internet players. Are they prepared to lose out to new entrants targeting business customers?

Business markets remain key areas in which MNOs and other CSPs can differentiate and offer valuable services that play to their key strengths. It’s time to capitalise on the booming growth in hosted PBX and UC services, so that they can secure leadership and continue to build on established relationships.

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