From zero to more than three million subscribers

Scalability matters because all service providers have ambitions to grow their businesses. They need platforms that really can grow with their subscriber base. They need confidence when they invest – because there’s a world of difference between lab and field environments. If you want to deliver a service to business users, Gintel can help, regardless of whether you are a start-up with zero customers today, or an established provider with more than three million. We know how to scale.

Scale is a topic that’s always discussed at a certain point when considering service launch plans. How much can a solution really scale to support growth targets? Many vendors make confident assertions based on laboratory trials, but which bear no relation to the reality of real world deployments and situations.

Scale matters because service providers need to know that they can reliably offer the same service to all their subscribers, regardless of the rate of growth. They need to ensure that the chosen solution can deliver the promised performance, functionality and features, all the time - and not run out of steam with increased demand.

This is easier said than done. We’re often invited to provide replacements for solutions that have failed to meet promised performance levels. However, at Gintel, we know we can deliver the sustained performance that service success demands.

This is because we have installations that range from green field situations, in which a new operator chooses Gintel to launch their service portfolio. In such cases, our customers are basically beginning with zero subscribers but have the ambition to recruit many thousands.

On the other hand, we have installations that have more than three million active subscribers. We’ve replaced active systems and successfully migrated user groups numbering millions of subscribers to our solution, seamlessly and without service disruption.

As a result, we know we can deliver the performance to support any ambition. Better still, our business models can help ease the path to scalable success, enabling our customers to choose what they need while confidently embarking on a road to realise their ultimate ambitions.

Scale is not easy. It’s not something that can be achieved just by lab-based estimates. It takes real expertise and experience to ensure the solutions actually deliver. You can’t simply extrapolate from soak systems or processor load calculations. You need to really demonstrate that you can deliver in a field environment, in which there may be fluctuating conditions, unpredictable network behaviour and unexpected incompatibilities. In other words, the real world is, well, real, whereas a lab is simply a simulation of it.

So, whatever your ambitions, we can provide you with a solution. We can help you get started and provide a rock solid partnership that helps you grow and reach your targets. We can confidently help you migrate an existing customer base from a legacy solution, or one that doesn’t deliver the scale and performance you need. Wherever you stand in this spectrum, we can help. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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