VoLTE enabled VPN and VPaBX Solutions – Evolving with your Network

Are you thinking of deploying VoLTE? Will your existing voice VPN and UC investments be capable of migration to NGN VoLTE? Gintel is actively migrating VPN and UC solutions to VoLTE in several networks this year. We know what to do, from implementing new DIAMETER interfaces (such as Rf and Ro) to ensuring seamless continuity of services.

Many MNOs that have deployed LTE networks are now also deploying VoLTE services. This means that voice will move, once and for all, to an all IP infrastructure and framework. While this has implications for consumer voice services, it also has important repercussions for valuable enterprise voice services.

Enterprises that are today paying for value added voice services, such as Voice VPN or Mobile PBX, will expect continuity of service as their users migrate to VoLTE service capabilities. Worse, they will demand the enhanced QoS levels offered by NGN VoLTE. As a result, MNOs must find ways to migrate their existing enterprise and SME voice and UC products to their new VoLTE services.

In some cases, this will mean replacement of legacy offers with a complete new solution that provides an evolution path towards VoLTE. After all, your existing customers will hardly tolerate a cessation of services just because the network offers enhanced capabilities.

In others, it means that existing solutions will have to be upgraded to support relevant VoLTE capabilities – in particular, integration with the required DIAMETER interfaces such as Rf and Ro, for example, for charging purposes. If your solution doesn’t offer a migration path towards VoLTE and the required DIAMETER protocol support, this is going to be a serious issue for your enterprise customers. What will you do?

Now’s the time to check. Does you existing voice offer provide a smooth upgrade path to enable VoLTE support? If not, it’s time to evaluate your options. At Gintel, we are delivering a number of VoLTE evolution projects. In several of these, we are replacing legacy platforms that did not offer a roadmap to VoLTE. In others, we are upgrading our own solutions to enable VoLTE capabilities. We’re doing this because we are committed to our customers, our products - and their evolution. We invest in our solutions to ensure that they keep performing and that they keep delivering new value.

We want our customers to be able to capitalise on new capabilities offered by VoLTE and to do so effortlessly, by leveraging our product enhancements to deliver new value to their customers. If you are migrating to VoLTE and are concerned about how to ensure that your VPN or Mobile UC customers can take advantage of new VoLTE services, then why not talk to us? We can make sure you deliver the valuable enterprise voice services you need across your new VoLTE infrastructure, helping to maximise ROI and ensure seamless service continuity.

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