Enterprise customers are increasingly moving to hosted UC. Don’t miss out!

Declining sales of on-premises communications solutions point to significant growth in the adoption of hosted cloud-based offers. As a service provider with fixed or mobile assets, you can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity. Launch hosted UC services quickly and efficiently to meet demand for cloud services from business customers.

Globally, the sale of on-premises PBX and UC solutions has continued to decline in Q1 2015, with a fall of 6% in enterprise PBX revenue when compared to the same period in 2014, according to analysts at IHS Infonetics. This decline is largely attributed to businesses moving to the cloud, in search of greater flexibility, more predictable cost and simpler management.

This is great news for service providers that are thinking of launching B2B UC services. It demonstrates increased demand for such offers and service providers such as MNOs and MVNOs are well placed to capitalise on this growth.

Our customers have already recognised this and are busy recruiting new subscribers to grow their businesses. They are helping in the transition from legacy to new cloud models – take Celfon , for example. It’s evolved from the supply of PBX solutions to being a fully fledged MVNO with a complete hosted offer that provides a future proof hosted service.

But for others that are considering how to build a stronger B2B cloud business, hosted UC or Mobile PBX offers are a good place to start. Since every business user has a mobile phone, why not leverage this and add value by offering services that can attract a premium subscription over and above airtime bundles?

It’s clear that, in the long-term, the adoption of premises-based solutions will decline much further. Despite the already impressive momentum, mass migration to the cloud has really only just begun. It’s not too late to enter the market. Business customers will be seeking new cloud services, so why not anticipate this, launch your own hosted UC solution, and make sure they choose you?

Failure to recognise this will mean you get left behind. While competition will intensify, there’s plenty of room for growth – even in markets such as Norway where Mobile PBX and hosted UC solutions have been the norm for years, demand continues to surge.

If you want to find out how to enter the B2B market with a cloud-based UC offer, why not talk to Gintel? We have years of experience in helping service providers launch profitable services, quickly and efficiently. Talk to us and we can help you position successfully for growth in the business cloud era.

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