Where are the innovators in the telecoms industry today? In B2B markets…

Telecoms executives are endeavouring to become more innovative in the struggle to deliver more attractive and appealing services. But innovation is already happening in the business market. Agile operators are taking advantage of Gintel and their own marketing excellence to deliver continuous innovation and to achieve differentiated, profitable services.

There’s a lot of talk about innovation in the telecoms industry. Initiatives designed to attract developers have become all the rage, though the commercialisation of the results has met with mixed success.

But there is a part of the industry in which innovation is thriving. A number of operators have managed to launch innovative services, while maintaining a path of agile releases. This approach has enabled them to differentiate and deliver new and attractive solutions to their customers. These innovators can be found in Norway, Denmark, the United States, Malaysia and beyond.

How has this been achieved? It’s really down to focus. These operators have committed to delivering advanced business services to meet the needs of enterprise customers. Through a combination of agile product delivery and marketing excellence, they have been able to constantly evolve their offer and tune it more effectively to both meet and anticipate customer requirements.

Agile product delivery demands the right product and the right vendor to enable the flexibility to ensure continuous evolution. Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite provides a platform ready-loaded with turnkey services but it also offers an innovative service creation environment. The unique Easy Designer allows service customisation, which gives our service provider customers the agility they need to differentiate and evolve their service portfolio.

Through the composition, configuration and arrangement of standard objects that represent events and actions, new service logic and features can be created and deployed, in real-time and at the click of a mouse. With the Easy Designer, our customers can rapidly launch new services that are customised to meet the needs of individual customers as well as the entire subscriber base.

On its own, this delivers significant competitive advantage. But, when combined with deep marketing insight, it provides a recipe for sustained success. Our customers pay close attention to the needs of their target customers. They identify unmet needs, gaps and opportunities in the market and align their resources to deliver compelling offers.

In every case, they spend time identifying potential customer groups and segments and ensuring that they target them with the right messages, solutions and offers. By paying attention to customer needs and evolving their offers, they are able to create a culture of continuous innovation that translates into sustained and profitable success.

Contrary to popular conception, innovation is thriving in telecoms in particular among service providers that have a B2B focus. Our customers are shining examples of where innovation can be found. You can learn from their experience by reading our case studies – key lessons from innovators such as Dipper, Celfon, Network Norway and more.

If you want to know how to become more innovative, then why not talk to us and we will show you how it can be achieved, quickly and easily. Together, we can help you deliver innovative services, extend your business and target markets that offer real growth potential.

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