Consultancy to build your enterprise market offer

Gintel’s unique insight and expertise in what makes a successful B2B service offer is now available to share through our consultancy team. If you want to find out how to accelerate business planning and get to market fast with proven, competitive offers, our team is available to help.

Launching B2B services offers a proven route to grow revenue and enhance profit. However, we often need a bit of help to achieve our goals and to make sure investments succeed. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in what works and what doesn’t, which means we can provide a unique perspective to ensure the success of your service portfolio.

We’ve been helping our customers succeed for nearly 15 years, which adds up to an unrivalled body of information that we can make available to our customers, either directly or through trusted partners who can bring their knowledge and experience to your situation, so that we can collectively determine what’s best for you.

Our team is available to help and will offer insight, intelligence and market-level analysis that will ensure you get to market faster, tune your offer and solve challenges more easily. With customers all over the world, we understand the differences and similarities between different markets and can point you to strategies that will ensure your success – building on the success of your peers around the globe.

If you want to find out how you can benefit from our unique consultancy services, why not get in touch? We’ll help from the inception of a project all the way through to market launch and beyond. We’ll help you tune your offer to achieve real differentiation, competitive advantage and to deliver a compelling solution, based on proven strategies and winning offers.

Talk to our experts and find out how we can accelerate your B2B service launches and make sure you deliver a winning offer.

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