How to Build Additional Revenue while Staying Relevant to your Customers

Mobile UC services create a core offer to which new services and capabilities can be added through time to meet new customer needs and anticipate market demands. But an incremental approach brings more than just new revenue – it helps service providers stay relevant and creates a perception of innovation that attracts loyal customers.

One of the most interesting things about Hosted and Mobile UC services is that they not only provide a steady and predictable revenue stream, but they also provide significant scope for creating incremental revenue.

Most Hosted and Mobile UC services comprise a core offer and are delivered via monthly subscription models to users. The service provider collects a monthly subscription fee, in addition to any airtime or call packages they offer. This can be a very profitable and stable business.

However, many of our customers seek to add more value by upselling new features and capabilities. Each of these can attract usage charges, an activation fee, an additional monthly subscription, or even a combination of each. Examples of services that our customers have added to the portfolio they offer to their customers include:

  • Mobile call recording
  • Audio conferencing
  • Mobile IP calling
  • Skype for Business / MS Lync integration

The addition of new services to the portfolio creates significant potential for new revenue. Each of our customers has chosen a different mix that builds on its core offer. Generally, each selects new services to add through time, enabling a rolling programme of service enhancement.

This approach also yields benefits by adding value to customers. Customers appreciate a roadmap that helps them secure more capabilities. It helps to differentiate the service provider and the offer as being future proof and as being likely to evolve to fit future needs. In contrast, a platform that doesn’t evolve may rapidly lose its attractiveness and, what was once seen as innovative, may be left behind.

That’s why, in addition to the financial benefits, the addition of new features and services in a regular and incremental basis creates a perception of innovation. It helps the service provider stay relevant, builds loyalty and generates revenue growth. While other revenues are stagnating or even declining, this is critical.

If you want to know how to add more value to your B2B service portfolio, learn how to remain relevant and to create a perception of innovation, why not talk to Gintel?

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