What does it take to succeed with enterprise customers? Lessons from the MVNOs’ World Congress 2015.

Retail MVNOs continue to be challenged by falling prices and uncomfortable wholesale prices, but many B2B MVNOs are thriving. They offer services that attract subscriptions over and above airtime packages, increasing margin potential. Careful selection of your target customer base and a clear understanding of their needs are part of the recipe for success with enterprise customers.

Although the MVNO market is buoyant, it’s clear that it’s hard to build traction among consumer and retail customers. Tricky wholesale contracts and declining retail prices generate intense pressure, which means only the fittest survive. According to Ovum, 25% of new MVNOs fail to make it into their second year.

But, as presenters have made clear at the MVNO World Congress 2015, there is another approach that offers more attainable and attractive rewards. An increasing number of MVNOs are targeting enterprise customers by offering B2B service packages. This is because B2B solutions can also be sold via subscription models, proving revenue streams beyond airtime packages and which are not subject to wholesale prices. These can provide extremely attractive margins to generate profit for your business.

Deciding to offer B2B services makes sense from a financial and competitive view. There are fewer competitors and, typically, millions of business customers whose needs are poorly served by traditional providers. There are numerous opportunities to target enterprise customers; it just takes a little imagination and preparation to capitalise on them.

The question is, how can this be achieved? Several presenters offered their opinions. It seems, as with all market propositions, finding a niche is imperative. Happily, the business community is as diverse as society at large. There are big businesses, multi-national businesses, SMEs that can, in turn, be segmented with great detail, a multitude of vertical markets and so on. Selecting a horizontal or vertical market to target, or a combination of both, is the way to start.

Once you’ve chosen your target market – for example, businesses with 50 employees or fewer working in the hospitality business – then you need to understand what they want and what they need. Typically, they want solutions that add value, increase efficiency and help them profit from more business. Advanced call management services, such as Unified Communications, can have a huge impact on an organisation and careful selection of features will enable you to define a compelling offer.

The questions then are, how will you deliver such services and how will you get to market? Well, we can help you with the delivery – our platforms are trusted by MVNOs and MNOs from around the world and we help them create offers that target chosen market segments. We make sure the service you offer is tailored to meet requirements of your market, from a careful selection of the modules and features we offer, which enables you to be more flexible and, in time, to extend the scope of your offer.

After that, it’s a question of getting to market and offering the kind of one-stop-shop simplicity that business owners want. You don’t even need to offer the lowest prices – just be competitive and back your offer with support and resources to ensure a business-class level of service.

We can also help you with getting to market – our experience has shown what tactics work and how you can make the most of your resources to ensure success. We’ve many examples of success and case studies that can help show you what is required and how to win.

So, if you want to be an MVNO and to dramatically increase your chances of sustained success, then you ought to consider launching a B2B offer. We’ll help you shape and optimise this and provide the expertise to help you get to market fast and build a thriving business. It’s what we do, every day. Why not get in touch with Gintel and find out more?

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