Make the most of your investments and key assets to deliver compelling B2B services

There’s a huge opportunity in B2B service delivery. When targeting this market MNOs and MVNOs need to focus on starting with services that leverage core assets and capabilities before diversifying into unfamiliar areas. They need to reduce risk. Launch Mobile UC services first and then it’s easy to add additional value to your B2B portfolio.

It’s become obvious that B2B customers represent a significant opportunity for MNOs and MVNOs to grow new revenue. Analysts continue to highlight the potential opportunity that is open to service providers that address this market.

However, much of the discussion surrounds potential – that is, things that service providers could offer that might be attractive to business customers. While forecasts have been consistent, there is as yet unproven appetite for some of the services that have been mentioned in this context.

It has been suggested that service providers can offer a range of IT services to B2B subscribers. But this will take them firmly into direct competition with established vendors of IT services and no one can yet predict how they will be able to gain market share.

These strategies depend on moving into uncharted territory, in which many service providers have little experience or assets to deploy. Why should enterprises choose an MNO or MVNO as its IT supplier, when there are other, more established players, with which they may be more familiar? This is an approach fraught with risk.

But there is another approach that will better support ambitions to grow B2B business revenues. Service providers already deliver voice and connectivity services to business customers. They have assets and expertise that enables them to offer SLA-backed agreements, with QoS guarantees that cannot currently be supported by other providers.

They should use these capabilities to enrich their voice offers by adding UC services to provide a more integrated and richer experience to B2B customers. UC enables better communication, enhanced efficiency and delivers many benefits to business customers. What’s more, UC services can easily be extended with additional functionality that adds value – integration with Skype for Business (MS Lync) for example, or storage for call recordings.

Choosing to start with an evolved communications service, means that MNOs and MVNOs can more rapidly establish themselves as a higher-value supplier with B2B customers, paving the way for the addition of other services in the future. They also leverage existing credibility as providers of real-time communications and data access.

It’s extremely difficult to fight battles on multiple fronts. It’s also extremely difficult to take on completely new set of competitors. Instead, why not implement UC solutions, backed with QoS and service agreements, and use this to increase revenue from B2B customers? Once traction and momentum has been secured, then add more services to the portfolio, but this approach dramatically reduces risk, as it builds on core assets and capabilities.

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