B2B services can be an engine for growth – kick-start them now

Mobile operators are looking for new growth, but beyond extending offers with new bundles and content packages, there isn’t a lot of opportunity in the consumer market. But MWC saw clear recognition from MNOs that B2B services offer much greater and more attractive opportunities. Many agreed that MNOs must make a strategic focus on B2B – why not start now?

Mobile World Congress has been and gone, with the usual brouhaha surrounding new product announcements, shiny new devices, and speculation about evolution towards 5G. As has become increasingly common, celebrities from the Internet world graced the conference podium and attracted the headlines. But among the noise, there was a consistent and, to us, unsurprising message.

Mobile operators have a number of priorities on their checklist. They have to invest in their networks, converge platforms and prepare for VoLTE. They need to offer the right experience to their customers so that they can attract and retain increasingly discerning subscribers but they also recognise that many of the services they offer will be unlikely to generate new revenue beyond subscription packages - and many will be in partnership with providers of valuable content.

Instead, thoughts are turning to new opportunities that can be engines for growth. In particular, there is widespread recognition that B2B services, such as Unified Communications, need a fresh examination. For a long time, the focus has been on trying to better understand consumers and apply more sophisticated analysis to their needs. All worthwhile, of course, but the same attention has not been paid to business customers.

This is changing. While MNOs have long paid attention to their favoured corporate customers, they have tended to neglect the opportunity presented by the diversity that exists in the business market. What’s more, you don’t need sophisticated analytics (real-time or otherwise) to gain an understanding of what they need.

In fact, there are already rich sources of data that can help MNOs define target segments in the business market. Many governments track businesses by size, quantity and sector, making segmentation easy. Such information is publicly available. What remains is to define what business users actually need – and there’s also a wealth of data available to understand this. In essence, business users want better, more effective communications services that help them manage inbound and outbound calls effectively.

Beyond this, business users also need flexible services that help them meet specific challenges, such as call recording, cloud backup and so on, supported by consistent network quality and performance. In other words, they need something that contributes to their business, backed by QoS. It is not, therefore, difficult to come up with an offer that gives business users what they need. And it’s really not difficult at all to start offering such services and to enhance the portfolio with complementary solutions through time. The key is to take the first step.

We can help with this. Our expertise, gained through years of experience enables us to help MNOs define offers that can be tuned to the needs of different segments in the business market. We can help you get to market quickly, with cost-effective solutions that provide rich Unified Communications, which can be extended to incorporate additional features and complementary offers, such as mobile call recording.

It’s easy to launch services that target B2B markets. In contracts to consumer offers, they can be extremely profitable and offer predictable revenue growth. Why not find out how to make the most of this opportunity and to kick-start a key engine for growth?

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