Why competition is good – it fosters innovation and differentiation

Competitive environments demand innovation, excellence and differentiation. We help MNOs and MVNOs deliver innovative services that enable them to achieve competitive advantage and which evolve through an agile, dynamic approach.

Being first to market is often seen as a critical success factor for the launch of a new service. If you don’t get there first, you can’t win, runs the argument. But this actually isn’t true very often.

Many of our customers launch services in crowded, highly competitive markets. This makes them hungry to succeed. They way in which they do this is to stand out by offering something different. Even if other players are already trying to address the B2B market, our customers try to do something different. This means they focus on identifying the needs of potential customers and then developing propositions to meet them.

This is where we help. The flexibility of the Easy Business Communications Suite enables operators, such as MNOs and MVNOs, to take a turnkey service and then incrementally add features, launch new, targeted variants and deliver continuous innovation. This means that our customers can rapidly build on their service launch, continue to differentiation both to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving workforce, and to distinguish their offer from competitors.

In this way, it doesn’t matter so much whether they are first to market or launching an offer as a challenger – they are able to do more to either stay ahead of competitors or to target untapped segments or to launch disruptive offers. It’s this degree of flexibility and a culture of innovation that enables them to flourish, backed by the unique flexibility of our solutions.

We spend a lot of time working with our customers to make sure that they succeed. It’s an on-going process, a partnership of innovation that ensures we collaborate to make success a certainty, not an option. This support is essential, as it facilitates an exchange of ideas and the dynamic evolution of services to ensure they remain at the head of the field.

If you want to know how to launch and, more importantly, to succeed with B2B service offers, you should talk to Gintel. Our experience counts.

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