Danish MVNO Thyfon launches innovative ‘Celfon’ Unified Communications as a Service for B2B customers, powered by Gintel

Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite enables Thyfon to provide innovative ‘Celfon’ hosted unified communications solution for SMEs in Denmark over 4G and legacy mobile networks

Summary: Thyfon, an innovative provider of communications products for business customers in Denmark, launches as an MVNO, bringing to market the new ‘Celfon’ hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution for SMEs. ‘Celfon’ is delivered from the cloud and based on Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite, enabling SMEs to benefit from a rich user experience and subscription-based access. Thyfon’s expertise enables business customers to enjoy a complete UC experience, backed by additional customisation and integration services, across all mobile networks, including 4G LTE.

TRONDHEIM, NORWAY, 5th February, 2015 – Gintel announced today that Thyfon, a newly established MVNO in Denmark targeting SME customers, will launch a hosted unified communications service based on Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite.

Thyfon is a long-established provider of communications solutions to the business community in Denmark. It has an enviable record of delivering PBX platforms to enterprises in the SME market, with a large customer base. However, changes in service delivery models combined with a surge of interest in cloud-based solutions led Thyfon to invest in a hosted solution that could be delivered via OPEX models to SME customers. The solution, known as Celfon, is based on Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite, and includes full mobile UC capabilities, an advanced user switchboard application and optional mobile client with presence and other features.

Globally and locally, the communications market has shifted away from the provision of on-premises, physical PBX infrastructure towards ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) and hosted models. SaaS confers many benefits to businesses, not least in the elimination of CAPEX fees. In addition, more, users increasingly want to use mobiles as their primary devices. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) enables companies to access advanced UC capabilities via hosted solutions via simple subscription plans.

“We wanted to capitalise on our expertise and take advantage of these industry changes by offering an advanced UCaaS solution,” said Henrik Melballe, CSO of Thyfon. “Becoming an MVNO gave us the best opportunity to deliver a real-time service from the cloud, supported by the excellent coverage afforded by our MNO partner. Celfon is a complete solution that delivers advanced features from the cloud to business mobile users”.

The Thyfon team has a long history of providing consulting services to enable customisation of solutions to meet the unique needs of each business. This expertise has been translated into the new Celfon UCaaS offer, with Thyfon offering customisation capabilities to assist new customers in adopting the platform or in migrating from premises-based solutions.

“We chose Gintel, not only because it’s a world-leading solution, but also because it enabled us to deliver the service customisation and optimisation we needed in a cost-effective and efficient manner,” added Mr Melballe.

In partnership with Gintel, Thyfon has delivered the Celfon solutions, which plays exactly to its strengths: the combination of technological understanding with business knowledge of its customer needs. Leveraging its core competencies by delivering a truly mobile B2B service through SaaS models will enable it to secure leadership within its target market and provide a profitable base for the future and its continued evolution.

“Thyfon has a clear vision and strategy – to provide differentiation to smaller businesses in the Danish market while also delivering the Celfon UCaaS solution to its existing customer base,” said Ernst Thue, CEO of Gintel. “We make it our business to support such innovation and to help our partners realise their vision. Thyfon’s service launch will result in innovative new services being made available in the Danish B2B market.”

Thyfon has transformed its business model and approach. It has transitioned from a legacy model of selling PBX solutions by recognising that its core competencies ideally positioned it to move to a B2B UCaaS offer, as an MVNO, capitalising on the enhanced coverage offered by its mobile network operator provider, which includes a migration path towards LTE / VoLTE. The partnership with Gintel has secured a foundation for future growth and expansion.

Established as an R&D division of Telenor and spun-out as an independent company in 2001, Gintel has been at the forefront of IN and service innovation for over 15 years with solutions used by millions of subscribers each day. Gintel’s platform independent technology has been deployed in many networks including Telenor, H3G, Orange, SFR, Tele2 and Axiata, providing the assurance that its pioneering solutions are rooted in practical experience. Gintel was also recently included in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 500 report.

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