Mobility and the Enterprise – Cloud strategy requires truly differentiated products

Operators need to leverage their core strengths to offer differentiated cloud services. Simply jumping on board the storage and hosting bandwagon is neither a strategy nor likely to grow profits. They need to leverage their mobile assets and offer real-time services that have true value – such as Mobile UC.

There is considerable interest in the cloud at the moment. It’s a significant opportunity, as a growing number of analysts recognise. Many telcos and operators are busy determining their cloud strategy, in particular, so that they can launch broader enterprise offers.

But to some extent, many of these are “me too” offers, such as cloud storage or online security. Nice to have, but how does it make you different from an alternative provider? There’s little scope for differentiation around such services and they have become increasingly commoditised with the inevitable price pressure that results - not exactly a recipe for long-term success.

That’s why it’s essential to take advantage of unique capabilities and leverage them. Here’s one example. We speak to many operators about launching B2B Mobile UC services and they are beginning to recognise that they have a key asset they can capitalise on. Mobile UC does have much in common with many cloud service models being adopted by enterprise users (subscription based, no start up costs, etc.). But there’s one hugely important difference. Mobile UC is a real-time service.

As such, it’s more than simply a cloud offer: it’s a core network service that takes advantage of capabilities offered by the mobile network. This is a critical for operators, as they recognise that they can have an advantage against OTTs offering alternatives. Mobility has real value to businesses – as does the ability to deliver their valuable calls to any handset, across any carrier access that is available – from GSM, to UMTS and all the way up to LTE. OTT providers cannot reliably and securely do the same.

We tend to take mobility for granted but in fact, it’s a key asset that should not be overlooked. It remains a differentiator and provides a means for operators to deliver something that is really interesting, attractive and compelling – and which cannot easily be done by OTT providers.

A Mobile UC offer, delivered across mobile networks is an attractive service that delivers something desirable to business users. Mobile operators are well placed to leverage their mobile assets to deliver a simple, but extremely valuable service. And, it’s one that will retain its value. That’s worth thinking about when considering a cloud strategy.

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