Why You Need Mobile Call Recording

Call recording in the financial service industry will become mandatory, due to the coming EU MiFID legislation. As users increasingly turn to mobiles as the primary device, call recording in the mobile context is becoming a key requirement. It’s a significant opportunity for mobile operators to capture new revenue streams and address a huge market. Take advantage of the opportunity before competition enters the market. Gintel has delivered mobile recording for a Tier 1 operators – find out how you can too!

Call recording is moving from being a differentiator to a mandatory service. With emerging EU legislation likely to take effect in 2017, operators need to plan how they will help financial services companies meet the obligations to record calls and then store them for the required period of time.

The MiFID legislation will, among other things, strengthen regulations governing the traceability and history of financial service transactions. This means that recording calls between clients, advisors and providers will become a mandatory requirement. Operators have a key role to play in enabling support for call recording – and it’s a clear opportunity for them to provide a compelling service.

Enterprises need a simple means to record their calls. They do not want to deploy complex applications to achieve this. In particular, they need to be able to record calls from mobile devices. And, they will pay for this. Moreover, they will also pay for secure storage of calls and the ability to search for both content and historic activity data regarding called and calling parties.

This is a huge opportunity – financial services are a key part of the economy across all European countries - and all stakeholders are affected by the legislation. Operators that haven’t already begun to offer call recording services need to act quickly before OTT providers jump on the bandwagon.

Recording mobile traffic represents particular challenges and MNOs are best placed to offer a solution, opening up valuable new revenue streams. As stakeholders increasingly opt for mobiles in preference to fixed lines, they need a comprehensive mobile call recording service.

Gintel has already deployed a mobile call recording solution for a major Tier 1 provider. The service is delivered for all connected mobiles and ensures full compliance with the planned regulation.

Gintel’s call recording solution scales to cover all subscribers and ensures that all calls are recorded. When combined with storage and analytics solutions, it’s a comprehensive offer that meets exacting service and performance requirements. The fact is, no matter what size your operations and market reach, call recording as a service (CRaaS) is a clear and present market opportunity that is growing due to regulatory pressure.

Currently, there are few options available for financial services companies. Delivering a CRaaS offer to defined segments in the financial services industry will provide differentiation and a compelling offer, helping to reduce churn and generating a positive, predictable additional revenue stream.

If you want to deliver a new service to meet challenging regulatory conditions, now is the time to act. Contact Gintel to find out how you can deliver a robust mobile call recording service that ensures full compliance with regulations for your subscribers.

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