Meeting Corporate Customers’ Needs with NGN Voice Private Networks

VPN is a core service for corporate customers, generating valuable income for operators. Lack of support from current vendors is forcing operators to seek replacements. Gintel is deploying high-performance VPN replacement solutions to provide on-going services for more than three million customers in a single network. The operator also benefits from greater customisation and flexibility, enabling it to deliver greater innovation to its customers.

For many corporate customers, a voice private network (VPN) is a staple. It’s a service taken for granted but much used. And, it’s an important contributor to revenue, securing valuable, predictable and profitable cash to operators.
Operators need to protect this revenue and to ensure their corporate customers are given the quality of service they expect. However, many existing VPN solutions are reaching the end of their operational life – and some vendors have even withdrawn support for their products.

This presents a threat to operators. They cannot risk problems occurring with unsupported products, as quality and assurance are expected to meet SLA requirements. This means that operators need to find replacements that will continue to be supported and can be deployed across networks that are transitioning to new technologies.

What’s more, time doesn’t stand still and operators need also to consider how they can adapt their offers to suit evolving requirements. This requires agility and the ability to quickly launch product enhancements and new service logic.

Gintel is currently deploying a complete replacement VPN for a major European operator. The Easy VPN deployment will cover more than 3,000,000 corporate customers, securing long-term revenue for the operator and providing the continuity of service demanded by business users.

But Gintel has also provided its Easy Designer toolkit. Already, this means that new capabilities can be added to the service and customisation implemented. The operator, in partnership with Gintel, has secured greater agility, with the result that it can now more quickly meet new requirements and deliver greater innovation, building on the core VPN offer.

If your VPN service is threatened by EoL and lack of support, why not talk to Gintel and find out how we can provide a complete replacement, based on a proven and robust solution, but with the agility to go innovate and deliver new capabilities to your customers?

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