Protecting IN Services and Investments with Gintel

IN services are significant sources of profitable revenue for many service providers. But EoL notices on the current generation of IN platforms threaten to disrupt these flows. Gintel’s Easy Advanced Routing module provides performance and investment protection to support IN services and enable migration to NGN networks.

Although a lot of attention is given to IMS, LTE and VoLTE network services, many people forget how important traditional Intelligent Network (IN) services remain to operators today. It’s a topic almost completely overlooked by analysts, who focus on the latest or next best thing. But for most operators, IN services provide significant revenue and, more importantly, are normally extremely profitable.

IN is used to support services such as non-geographic number routing, intelligent call routing, and more. These services are used by businesses to support Freephone calling, premium numbers, call distribution to the most suitable office location or according to the time of day, and so on. They provide capabilities that are often taken for granted, but which really matter to business customers – and, to the operator.

But traditional vendors of the solutions required to support these services are moving away from providing and supporting such infrastructure. Several major vendors with significant installed base have declared ‘end of life’ for their IN service solutions. This is creating a large and growing challenge for operators. They can’t simply turn off IN services: they are far too important for that.
This means that operators may have to find alternative solutions that offer the scale and performance they need to continue delivering these services. What’s more, the migration towards IMS, LTE and all-IP networks means they also need to migrate these services across such new networks.

This requires not only deep knowledge about how such services are delivered, but also an understanding of how they need to evolve in order sustain revenues in emerging and future network environments. That’s where Gintel can help. Our rich knowledge of IN protocols, deep network experience and proven products enable us to deliver solutions to the challenge of maintaining IN service and migrating them to the all-IP network of tomorrow.

If your current IN vendor is moving products to end of life, Gintel’s Easy Advanced Routing solution offers investment protection and scalable performance. Why not talk to us to find out how?

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