Do you want your revenue to grow by 13% each year?

Traditional revenues are under threat and CSPs are challenged to find new growth opportunities. Cloud PBX and UC services are growing at double-digit rates – find out how to target this market and tap into revenue growth.

Revenue growth targets continually challenge MNOs, MVNOs and other CSPs. In the face of increasing competition, investors seek returns on their investment – and average returns are declining. Teams within MNOs, MVNOs and CSPs are tasked with identifying growth opportunities that they can target effectively. Wouldn’t it be nice then, to uncover an opportunity that promises growth, not declining revenue and margins?

The latest research from Infonetics points to a clear growth opportunity: cloud PBX and Unified Communications services. According to the research, revenue from these services enjoyed growth of 13% in 2014 and is forecast to reach $12 billion by 2018. This market is too big to ignore – and CSPs are well placed to capitalise on it, with the network support to enable high-quality services to be delivered.

All it takes is investment in a suitable platform that can integrate with network assets and support delivery of the services, combined with the resources to target the business market. The motivation should be clear: markets that offer such rewarding growth are hard to find. Failure to capitalise on this would mean missing out – and ceding markets to other players.

So why don’t more CSPs offer such services? It’s hard to tell – perhaps the problem is one of awareness. In considering competitive threats, too much attention is paid to OTT offers of consumer-based services that challenge traditional revenues. However, delivering hosted services to business and enterprise customers means targeting a new market in which there is significant room for growth.

Perhaps it’s time to take this seriously and act. Why not talk to Gintel to find out how? We’ve helped CSPs around the world deliver services that enable them to achieve growth from enterprise and SME customers, quickly, easily and securely. Instead of missing out, find out how you can do so too.

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