How Agility Can Overcome the Clear and Present Danger of Market Inertia

Become more agile by investing in solutions that enable continuous innovation and differentiation.

One of the problems with being a service provider is that expectations are sometimes set by history, not by current challenges. Service providers are used to building networks that are robust and meet exacting engineering requirements. As such, they carefully evaluate decisions and apply similarly exacting standards to their investment decisions.

This is fine when building networks but can lead to market inertia, preventing or delaying new service launches. This is dangerous, as non-traditional or over-the-top providers do not apply the same strict decision making criteria. They launch services quickly and improve them through time by applying agile development processes and rolling update schedules. The product that was launched may be radically different from what results a year or two later.

OTTs do not strive for perfection from day one, while traditional service providers typically do. This can lead to market inertia as the barriers to launching services can be seen to be too high in order to meet historical or legacy criteria. Such an approach is perfect for building robust, scalable networks that service significant traffic volumes but it is not appropriate for today’s service landscape.

But traditional service providers can do the same. They can adjust their criteria to accelerate service deployment, recognising increasing competitive pressure that is changing the rules of the game. They can be more agile, both internally and by choosing the right partners to support new service initiatives.

Gintel can help. Our products can be deployed quickly and can also be adapted easily through customisation and incremental enhancement. This is the approach taken by our customers. They choose a market with significant potential that is either untapped or underserved. They launch a product and they ensure that it evolves rapidly in order to meet customer expectations and to stay ahead.

Time and time again, they have shown that continuous, agile innovation can ensure help them out-compete both traditional and OTT players in key markets, such as the enterprise and SME domain. Why not find out how you can do the same?

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