Why Don’t More Telcos Have an Enterprise Mobility Strategy?

Business users want to buy services from telcos but many telcos aren’t sure of their enterprise mobility strategy. Why not base your strategy on services that can be delivered quickly and draw on core competencies and expertise, using Mobile UC and PBX services to get to market fast?

According to STL Partners, only 16% of telcos have a defined enterprise mobility strategy – and yet, there’s considerable untapped demand for such services from enterprise customers.

Of course, enterprise mobility is a big topic. There’s a growing range of services that are available from OTT players, for example. Perhaps telcos are simply thinking too much about what they need to offer and how. Such analysis can be interminable and lead to intractable delays.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Yes, there are many services that telcos can offer to enterprises but rather than thinking about the totality of such services, they should think about where they can start in order to make an impact and to provide the foundation of a future portfolio.

In our opinion, the easiest and most promising area to explore is the provision of unified communications and mobile office PBX services. These build on established telco expertise and core competencies in voice services but provide enhancements to enable a better, richer mobile experience for today’s enterprise and SME customers. Some telcos are already doing this. For example, Telenor embarked on such a strategy as far back as 2002 and has met with considerable success.

A successful enterprise mobility strategy needs foundation services. Instead of striving to do everything, telcos should use existing capabilities as much as possible in order to prepare for a brighter future. A compelling mobile PBX service, for example, can be used as the foundation of a diverse set of future services. Telenor has broadened its portfolio, building out from a strong foundation in mobile UC to encompass other, related services and to create a strong market position.

But you have to start somewhere. Why not find out how we have helped MNOs, MVNOs and others launch a successful range of enterprise mobility services, based on the Easy Business Communications Suite? Our expertise, shaped through years of experience with leading telcos means that we know how to get to market fast, with compelling offers.

We can help you do the same and carve out a market-leading position in enterprise mobility. We’ve done it with leading operators around the world – and seen how they benefit from adopting these strategies both as customer propositions and for their own internal use.

Another good example is 3 Austria. In addition to launching a market leading service for enterprise users several years ago, based on the Easy Business Communications Suite, they have now migrated their entire organisation away from legacy fixed devices and exclusively to mobiles – a clear example of adopting and promoting a coherent enterprise strategy, based on leveraging core strengths by deploying advanced software solutions.

If your enterprise mobility strategy is uncertain, we can help you create a clear, achievable path to success that generates both revenue and profit – and provides a foundation for sustained success in the future, enabling you to add more services through time.

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