Gintel’s Mobile Unified Communications solution helps Network Norway tailor services for tens of thousands of subscribers

Gintel provides a mobile unified communications solution that allows Network Norway to enhance its network to deliver differentiated services to business users

Gintel’s role in the success of leading Norwegian operator, Network Norway, is discussed in the latest edition of the telecoms publication OSP Magazine. Our Marketing Director, Guy Redmill, and Jim Machi, VP of Product Management for Dialogic Corporation reveal the key success factors in Network Norway’s market strategy and the technology behind it.

Market saturation is a prevalent issue in the telecoms industry and there is no better example than the current market climate in Norway. Differentiation is key if operators are to fight for the available business. One leading Norwegian service provider, Network Norway, has demonstrated the key to successfully building a market share against the key players in an already saturated market: by offering value-added, unified communications services to enterprise and small- to medium-sized enterprise (SME) subscribers.

Network Norway realised that to carve out a spot in a crowded market meant targeting subscribers that provided the greatest revenue potential. In order to deliver services to the enterprise and SME market, which increasingly demands features such as media-rich communications and seamless network roaming, the provider needed a solution that delivered the same functionality to each user, irrespective of whether the user was connected via a mobile, fixed or IP handset. Network Norway also wanted a seamless, common communications infrastructure across the whole enterprise, as well as the ability to track the mobility and status of users as they performed their activities.

For this reason the chosen solution had to provide a means to offering media-rich services to subscribers now and in the future; offering a basic service package as well as the ability to customise services according to user demand. Gintel’s complete, turnkey solution provided all the flexible deployment options that Network Norway required for its flagship Mobile Office product. Gintel’s mobile unified communications solution ensured:

  • The ability to manage user mobility and status
  • Compatibility with the existing GSM network
  • The ability to manage all traffic via Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), irrespective of the originating network
  • The ability to easily add more capacity without a complex overhaul
  • A future-proof architecture for delivering services to a dynamic and demanding market

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