MNO and MVNO Relationships are Symbiotic – and Thrive on Segmentation

As we saw at the recent MVNOs’ World Congress, a close relationship with the host MNO can be critical to the success of an MVNO offer. To an MNO, an MVNO can be a strategic enabler to support delivery of services to markets and segments that it may not be able to service effectively itself. MVNOs can be agile players that deliver innovation quickly.

Cecilie Vanem from Dipper confirmed this by pointing out that Dipper’s host MNO, Telenor, while well known as a major enterprise service provider, was less known as a brand in the growing SME and SoHo market. Dipper was launched as an MVNO to fill that gap.

It is, of course, in both parties interests that the venture is successful: Dipper does something that Telenor cannot do, while Telenor brings network coverage and service quality: it’s a nicely symbiotic relationship. When considering their strategy, MVNOs should think about how their service can deliver something that the host MNO cannot, as this can bring enhanced benefits for all and support such a fruitful relationship for the future.

Market segmentation is critical to this, as it enables the MVNO to identify opportunities that may be under exploited by existing providers. But there are probably fewer and fewer opportunities to target low price offers, particularly in heavily saturated markets. That means MVNOs should at least consider markets that attract a typically higher ARPU and ways in which they can introduce services that can be sold as extras to basic packages.

That’s why the SME and SoHo market is so interesting. In most countries, this represents millions of employees. They are eager for services that add value and can enhance their mobile experience. Call management across a mobile work team enables greater productivity and can be both a compelling and attractive offer.

Why not find out how to address this market through a simple, easy to deploy solution that delivers exceptional value?

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