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How to implement an agile, differentiated service evolution strategy through continuous innovation and evolution

Once an operator has segmented its market and selected the target customer base, it needs to launch appropriate and relevant services as quickly as possible. Sometimes, there is a temptation to try to define the perfect product, which can delay market entry. However, it’s important to remember the need to be agile. That’s why it’s essential to go to market with an offer that, while meeting the needs of target customers, constitutes a compelling feature set but which can also be extended with new features and capabilities.

One of the most striking things about OTT providers is how they have adopted this approach to service launch. Once having entered a market, they can rapidly enable additional functionality to enhance and develop their offer – but they don’t necessarily meet all of the market needs at launch. Instead, they focus on meeting most of the needs, getting to market fast and then rolling out new solutions to extend their offer for customers.

Service agility is the key to this approach and it’s been part of our DNA since our foundation. We understand the need to be able to deliver new features, functionality and services rapidly. That’s why with the Easy Business Communications Suite, operators can launch proven services within months, dramatically shrinking traditional launch times. But, once in service, they can add new capabilities incrementally, ensuring continuous innovation and service enrichment for their customers.

Let’s take an example. We’ve recently helped several MVNO customers launch in-bound call management services for SME customers. In addition to the basic service, each has chosen to rollout new feature enhancements on a regular basis. They’ve added capabilities such as MS Lync integration, voice conferencing and so on to suit the needs of their customers. Their approach has been to adopt continuous evolution, starting from an attractive product and adding compelling capabilities to broaden its appeal to new and existing users.

Today’s customers are used to such approaches from OTT providers. They understand that good products can evolve from a core proposition. It’s a successful approach that has led new entrants to capture significant market share, rapidly. But it’s not one that difficult to adopt. We can help operators make the transition to continuous evolution, thanks to the flexibility and breadth of our solutions. This means you can get to market fast and then enrich products through a rolling programme of continuous innovation and evolution, capitalising on the many modules and capabilities we offer that can be enabled through time.

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