The SME market opportunity for MVNOs: More than £1 billion in the UK alone!

There’s only one way to go in a market based on discounts. Well, two actually. Either an MVNO based on a discounting strategy rapidly acquires sufficient customers to become viable and attractive, or else it must always compete on price – being the cheapest in a market that is, in all likelihood, crowded with competing offers. It’s difficult to survive for long in such an environment.

But there is another way to compete. It depends on three things:

  1. On strength of proposition
  2. A thorough segmentation of the market
  3. On fulfilling unmet needs of potential customers

All of which is basic marketing, but it’s surprising how many MVNOs choose the discount option, relying on either an established brand or otherwise very basic segmentation to launch their offer. There is a huge group of customers who want attractive services and are willing to pay for them: SME and SoHo businesses. It’s a little-known fact that, in most countries, SMEs constitute the greatest number of private enterprises – in the UK alone, more than 99.92% of businesses have fewer than 50 employees. That represents more than 10 million potential customers and accounts for total turnover of over £1 billion – a huge addressable market.

SME users want services that are tuned to their needs. They need more than basic connectivity, discounted airtime packages and data access. But there seems to be a preconception that it’s hard to address this market successfully with a mobile offer. Our experience in Scandinavia and around the world proves that this is not the case. Would you like to find out how to target this market successfully?

If the market opportunity sounds attractive, why not get in touch to find out how we can help MVNOs launch differentiated, attractive services that enable you to compete on a solid proposition with rich features, optimised for the needs of SME users?

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