#MVNOIS | Solving technology and device challenges to help MVNOs address new market opportunities

As we noted recently, MVNOs are increasingly exploring options to extend their focus and address new markets. Among the possibilities, enterprise and, in particular, SME segments are the most promising. We know this, not only from our own experience in helping our MVNO customers develop compelling offers for enterprise and SME customers, but also from the wealth of research that points to untapped demand and potential among such organisations.

Despite the opportunity, there are some inhibitors that may be holding back efforts by MVNOs to address such markets. According to research by Informa Telecoms and Media, two of the most important business challenges confronting MVNOs are:

  1. Understanding and managing technology
  2. Device management

This could mean that there is a reluctance to address new markets if such initiatives require investment in unfamiliar technology and which require consideration of more devices. There are easy answers to both concerns.

First, partnership with a vendor, such as Gintel, that understands the technical challenges involved in launching new offers and which can take on any complexity in terms of integration, will mitigate any risk. Gintel has done this on numerous occasions with a simple guiding principle. Our MVNO customers take care of the marketing, promotion and sales of the service, we take care of the technicalities and ensure that the service is installed, deployed, launched and managed with the minimum of fuss.

Second, a key element of the Gintel solution is that it is device independent. This means that MVNOs, which typically use SIM only offers as well as device packages to recruit customers and ensure ease of migration, need have no concerns about device compatibility with the service.

What’s more, while this ensures that MVNOs can reach the broadest set of possible customers, Gintel’s solution also enables our MVNO partners to offer mobile clients for smartphone devices. In addition, soft clients are available for tablets, pads and other platforms.

All of which means that MVNOs can easily incorporate any device into the service, which minimises device management problems, as well as retaining the potential to offer additional value through dedicated applications that deliver enriched functionality.

With Gintel, MVNOs can confidently address new markets with minimal risk, as we help them address key business challenges and provide the assurance they need to embark on business expansion strategies. So, instead of agonising about shrinking margins, why not take positive steps to target new opportunities in partnership with Gintel?

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