#MVNOIS If you are an MVNO, why chase decreasing margins? The need to address new markets and segments

Many companies have seen the attractions of launching MVNO offers by targeting consumers and reinforcing their brands. But despite strong overall market growth, there is also recognition that challenging conditions have increased competition dramatically, leading to fierce price wars and decreasing margins. The key question is what can MVNOs do that will enable them to grow both revenue and their margins?

New research from Informa Telecoms and Media indicates a clear need for MVNOs to address new segments and adjacent markets. This may seem something of a challenge, but in fact it’s much simpler than might be imagined. The real challenge is twofold. First, the important step is to recognise that new markets can indeed offer better returns and not to think that competition based solely on price is a winning proposition; and second, to identify which of those markets offer the most promise.

Our customers have already done this. By careful consideration of their prospects, they have identified markets that present opportunities for profitable growth. They have recognised that enterprise and SME customers need a combination of a simple proposition and advanced business features, such as auto-attendant, switchboards, call hunting and so on.

We have delivered solutions to a number of MVNOs in different countries and continents that enable them to launch attractive, valuable services and address both horizontal enterprise and SME markets, as well as distinct verticals within them.

As Informa suggests, the key to future success is to choose a promising market and to understand what it takes it succeed within it. By working with Gintel, our customers have used our knowledge and insight to develop winning propositions that allow them to target promising markets in which price isn’t the only factor – and yet still leverage the lean attributes that characterise the MVNO. By working with us, you can define and target opportunities that enable long-term success.

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