Delivering Converged Communications Across Multiple Devices

As is well known, today’s enterprise and SME users are increasingly mobile. This has stimulated demand and interest in mobile PBX services. Mobile PBX solutions, such as those provided by Dipper, Network Norway, 3 in Austria and others deliver advanced call management and control functionality to mobile handsets. But today’s business users are also taking advantage of multiple devices.

They may have a mobile, laptop, tablet as well as a fixed phone. They want to integrate all of these devices into the Mobile PBX solution so that calls can be delivered to the most convenient of these. They also want to use any of their devices to make calls and leverage the same functionality that they enjoy with their mobile.

This has led to a growth in demand for convergence across these devices. Fortunately, solutions such as Gintel’s Easy Business Communications Suite can deliver the required convergence capabilities. For example, with the Easy Business Communications Suite, users can integrate any of their devices into their call management package, by leveraging an advanced SIP client available for a range of operating systems and solutions.

This means that calls to a users business contact number can be delivered in parallel to each of the devices, giving the user the choice of where they answer the call. They can choose one device as default or simply take the call with the most convenient terminal.

The SIP client also provides other advantages. When users are roaming, calls are delivered faster to the SIP client than over the normal 2G, 3G or 4G mobile network. This means that users can avoid expensive roaming costs by opting to use the client instead of the traditional handset capabilities.

They can also initiate calls from any device and presence and availability notifications can be provided. In fact, what they get is a seamless experience – all of the advantage of mobility and traditional mobile network connectivity but with additional benefits obtained from using a combination of devices.

If you are a service provider and want to deliver advanced, converged communications solutions to business and enterprise users, then you should talk to Gintel. We can help you plan, deliver and succeed with launching converged communications solutions for enterprise and SME users. Why not get in touch?

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