How a Red Gorilla Found its Voice for an MVNO - Turning Customers into Partners

We’ve often written about how important it is for a service provider to develop deep relationships with its customers – in effect, to turn customer relationships into real partnerships. In this spirit, it’s heartening to learn how our own customers are achieving this beneficial transition.

Take Dipper, for example. The new entrant in the Norwegian MVNO market has been actively targeting smaller enterprise customers – typically, organisations with fewer than 10 employees. One of the first customers to sign up for the attractive packages on offer was The Red Gorilla, a new advertising agency specialising in radio productions.

The Dipper service offers users many attractive features that have previously only been available to larger organisations. One of these is the ability to customise greetings for the auto-attendant service. The Dipper team noticed that their list of customers included a specialist agency that could help other customers create professional messages to ensure their auto-attendant service is fully customised for their individual needs.

Put the two together and – Hey Presto! - Dipper customers now have access to a professional agency that can help create customised messages for their systems, quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to The Red Gorilla, Dipper customers can benefit from professionally recorded announcements that help them stand out from the crowd – just like a red gorilla in the jungle.

It’s a nice story and it really demonstrates the value of frequent and regular contact with your customer base. Service providers have much to learn from their customers and the lessons should be mutually beneficial. That’s the difference between a customer relationship and a partnership – something enduring that creates lasting value for all concerned. And, better still, can potentially create an ecosystem of providers from its own customer base that can add value to the core service offer. Find out more about Dipper and The Red Gorilla here!

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