Offering services from the cloud? You need an anchor.

Many communications service providers are considering launching cloud-based offers in an attempt to broaden their service portfolio and compete with OTT providers targeting enterprise customers.

Since many OTT offers are orientated around common enterprise needs, such as document storage, file management, CRM and ERP applications, many communications service providers have attempted to emulate such packages and have invested in a range of cloud-based services.

This is all well and good, but doesn’t it make more sense to leverage existing capabilities and to offer services that can be differentiated? It may seem somewhat obvious, but communications service providers have an inherent advantage in the provision of services for voice and data communications. They have built their businesses on a long history of excellence in helping people – enterprise and consumers – communicate more effectively and enabling rich value added services to enhance the communications experience.

That’s why any communications service provider seeking to develop a cloud strategy ought first to think about how they can deliver classical communications from the cloud but in an innovative way. They need to deliver smart business communications solutions that deliver more value to businesses, large and small, and which can enhance productivity and efficiency, while helping organisations manage costs. Communications service providers need an anchor service from which to launch a future diverse portfolio of cloud solutions.

Setting out a cloud strategy should include consideration of the market opportunity represented by different segments. But it should also consider the strategic advantages available to the provider. Communication is one area in which communications service providers have a distinct and easily identifiable advantage. It makes sense to target enterprise and SME customers because of the growth opportunity they represent. But you should capitalise on core competencies before considering alternative services that are readily available elsewhere. The anchor should be based on voice, data and collaboration.

Gintel has many years of expertise in delivering rich, differentiated business communications services from the cloud. Easy Business Communication Suite is a complete framework for smart enterprise communication, collaboration and call management.

Our solutions enable communications service providers to offer cloud-based business communications. They can choose modules and options from the framework to obtain the solution they need for their market offer.

These modules can be extended via API integration to business processes or via a highly flexible, GUI-based Service Creation Environment, which enables service providers to evolve their offer to meet the needs of different segments.

As providers broaden their portfolio to address specific market opportunities or needs, they can leverage the Easy Designer to extend the Easy Business Communications Suite or add more modules from the Gintel range. Why not talk to us and find out how we can help you make the most of your cloud service developments?

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