Adding Value for your Customers: Call Recording

A mobile PBX or office solution can be just the start of a fruitful relationship with your customers that adds value to their business and yours. One of the ways in which this relationship can be enriched and converted to a partnership is through the addition of valuable new features and services that solve their business challenges.

An example of this is call recording. For businesses in many segments, call recording is a must-have feature. For example, many legal or financial professionals need to record conversations with their customers in order to meet regulatory requirements. These recordings need to be stored for access or retrieval at a later date.

Gintel has added call recording capabilities to the growing range of options within the Easy Business Communications framework. The module enables businesses to automatically record answered calls and to store them for subsequent retrieval. Importantly, Gintel’s call recording solution also enables calls terminated on mobiles to be recorded, which means the service can be delivered even when users are on the move.

The host operator can decide how this is presented to customers – as a fixed fee service, as a per call service. Additionally, the provider can offer to store all such calls in the cloud for a limited or longer period of time.

Call recording is a simple, but often necessary feature that helps operators meet the needs of a range of different segments more effectively. By targeting and differentiating their offers with services that meet the needs of specific groups of customers, operators can build a better relationship with customers and increase the reach of their basic service offers. Call recording functionality for mobile users is an example of how an operator can differentiate its services and help address the needs of specific market segments.

In the end, adding more value is a key part of building sticky services and a partnership. Customers can start with an offer that meets immediate needs, but by adding more features orientated towards specific groups, operators can address the diverse needs of the enterprise community.

Gintel’s Easy Business Communications framework includes a range of optional modules designed to help operators build profitable and enduring relationships with their enterprise and SME customers. It’s based on the recognition that businesses are different and, while they need many common features, differentiation is key to long lasting success. Why not talk to us to find out how we can help you succeed with enterprise and SME customers?

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