Why do Businesses Want to Adopt Hosted PBX?

We often have lengthy conversations with our customers regarding the appetite and demand of business users for hosted and mobile PBX solutions. MNOs, MVNOs and service providers naturally want to be clear about the potential to sell such services to their customers. There’s a wealth of data that confirms how attractive this market is in terms of uptake, growth and market potential. However, it can also help to move away from market forecasts and focus on real value that can be captured by the providers and which, in turn, can deliver enduring benefits to business customers.

In a nice article on ITBusinessnet, one author has identified four primary reasons why business users are migrating to hosted PBX solutions.

  1. Cost – hosted PBX solutions neither tie up capital nor consume it
  2. Resources – deploying on-premises solutions creates a need for more IT support resources. A hosted solution either removes the need for such resources, which is appealing to a small company, or else allows them to be more efficiently utilised on projects that benefit the business.
  3. Space. All IT infrastructure consumes real estate. A hosted solution eliminates the need for this, enabling it to be put to other uses.
  4. Flexibility. Adding new users to a PBX or moving the infrastructure can be a complex business. Moves, additions and changes are costly. A hosted solution lends itself much more easily to extension and migration.

It’s an interesting list and different companies will doubtless apply a different weighting to each of these factors. There are probably more factors that could be described – but, in our experience, numbers 1 and 2 carry the most significant weight. Cost and efficiency in terms of resource utilisation are key strategic issues.

By offering hosted or mobile PBX solutions, operators and service providers can easily show how they are supportive of their customers’ needs and how they can deliver partnership benefits that contribute to their success.

And that’s a different proposition from simply selling a service. Hosted and mobile PBX solutions offer more value to their users than simple airtime and device contracts. They can help develop longer-term relationships between the customer and the provider, reducing churn and driving revenue potential. The appetite of business users for hosted solutions can be turned into a conversation about their strategic needs, which, with the right solution, increases stickiness with the provider.

Converting a customer relationship into a strategic partnership seems like a good idea all round.

Why not talk to us and see how we can help make this happen?

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