Bandwidth is not a Limitation for Mobile PBX

Adoption of Mobile PBX solutions continues to be the norm in Scandinavia and is growing in popularity in other regions. It’s a compelling offer, giving enterprise and SME users access to a rich set of PBX features on their mobile devices. But there are still some regions in which replacing fixed with mobile solutions raises some question marks.

One reason for that could be the doubts created in the mind of end users by the connectivity issues that have been encountered with some IP Centrex solutions. A key factor in the performance of an IP Centrex solution is the bandwidth available to the office premises – if it’s insufficient, there may be quality issues, particularly when more sessions are active.

But the same is not true of a proper Mobile PBX solution. Gintel’s Easy Virtual PaBX is designed to run on any carrier – GSM, UMTS, Wi-Fi, IP and LTE – and because it’s a net-centric solution it does not make demands on the bandwidth, simply leveraging normal voice or session connectivity.

This means that service quality can be maintained and assured. There’s no need for specialist compression software or any extra capabilities. If a user has a normal handset, the service will run and deliver optimal performance.

In this respect, Mobile PBX is a clear challenger to IP Centrex solutions. It is easy to set up, requires no specialist hardware or devices and can be deployed in minutes. The value of hosted solutions is not in doubt – delivering reduced CAPEX and shifting costs to predictable OPEX models delivers clear benefits. Service providers can provide quality assurance for all their users and don’t need to worry about the last mile issues that can adversely affect IP Centrex solutions.

In a mobile world, Mobile PBX represents a simple, secure and reliable way to deliver the benefits of call management and PBX features to all users, irrespective of location and device.

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