What to do if your Voice VPN solution is end-of-life? Protect Revenue and Retain Customers with Gintel’s Net-Centric Voice VPN

Virtual Private Networks for voice have been around for a long time – they are a core part of GSM standards and there are millions of subscribers to such services around the world. A voice VPN offers organisations the ability to route calls between members of the group using short codes and to take advantage of special rates offered by the service provider.

Typically, a voice VPN incorporates a range of additional, value added features, such as call screening, forwarding and transfer. For mobile users, voice VPNs have many advantages, as they enable their mobiles to be included in the corporate numbering plan and to leverage features using simple codes and commands.

The GSM VPN services allow triggering of the VPN via IN and CAMEL signalling interaction. This is important, as it means that services can be enjoyed without the cost and inefficiency of deploying a service node to terminate all calls. The net-centric approach means that voice VPN services can be deployed cost-effectively and leverage existing infrastructure.

Voice VPNs have been somewhat overshadowed of late by Mobile PBX services, but the fact remains that they remain a key service for many organisations. Many MNOs offer such solutions but, equally, many of the platforms that have been in service are reaching end-of-life. MNOs need to both protect their revenue streams and ensure service continuity for their customers.

That’s where we can help. Our voice VPN solution is a ready-replacement for end-of-life solutions or a new platform for operators intending to launch such service for their enterprise customers. By deploying Gintel, valuable revenue streams can be preserved and new features offered to secure additional income.

Our expertise and customisable solution enables us to quickly design and deploy a service to match an existing feature set, ensuring service continuity and protecting your customer base. Why not find out how?

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