Virtual Receptionist Goes Mobile with Gintel

The mobile is an essential took for any business, but the SME and Micro-Enterprise market in particular is taking advantage of mobility to replace legacy fixed systems, avoiding the traditional CAPEX associated with such platforms and operating a lean infrastructure. Indeed, for many start-ups, fixed solutions aren’t even a consideration any more.

But that doesn’t remove the need to be able to manage incoming calls. Sooner or later, even the leanest organisation recognises the need to present a more professional face to the outside world. That means taking advantage of a company main number and thinking about how incoming calls will be handled.

Even some small organisations will have a receptionist, but not all. That means that they need the ability for calls to be answered by an IVR so they don’t miss valuable enquiries; to be queued and to be routed to alternative destinations. How can they take advantage of such capabilities without the expense of installing costly physical equipment?

The answer is a virtual receptionist, hosted by a service provider that can route calls to any nominated device – mobile, fixed or soft client. Often included with mobile PBX or IP Centrex services, the virtual receptionist is also a valuable stand-alone service that can be sold by MNOs and MVNOs to small enterprise customers.

Incoming calls can be greeted with a personalised announcement and callers can be presented with options for how they would like their call to be routed – press 1 for sales, 2 for support, enter the extension of the person to whom you wish to speak, and so on. By supporting a web portal or mobile client, these options can be configured online by the organisation, ensuring that they customise the service to meet their needs. What’s more, they can configure routing to take account of office hours, staff holidays, out of office notices – ensuring that all calls are treated efficiently and that callers obtain a good impression of the organisation.

Increasingly, MNOs and MVNOs are recognising that SMEs want fully mobile solutions. They want flexibility in terms of devices and predictability in terms of costs, without the expense of deploying complex solutions. By offering a virtual receptionist service, MNOs and MVNOs can capitalise on demand from small enterprises and deliver a powerful, flexible solution that helps them take advantage of capabilities that enable them to present a professional face to their customers and prospects.

To find out how to offer such services, why not talk to Gintel? Our virtual receptionist solution has been deployed by MNOs and MVNOs and provides a powerful means to capture revenue from the attractive SME and Micro Enterprise market, enabling other features to be offered as their needs grow.

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