4G and LTE Create a New Opportunity for Cloud Differentiation – But Only with Supporting Services

Migration to LTE with faster data rates and reliable coverage will create an opportunity for MNOs to strengthen relationships with their customers. In particular enterprise and SME customers will benefit from higher data rates that enable them to leverage cloud and hosted services, reliably and irrespective of location.

However, to capitalise on this opportunity, MNOs need to offer more than simply the faster connectivity, backed by quality of service guarantees. While consumer customers may seek a wide range of services from OTT providers, such services are typically free or at least freemium. On the other hand, SME and enterprise customers want more: they want rich services that are delivered with performance guarantees, easily accessible support and clear account management.

That’s why MNOs need to invest in providing their own OTT services from the cloud that will appeal to SME and enterprise customers. These will enable MNOs to secure additional revenue and returns from their network investments. Mobile PBX and UC services, for example, provide a clear path for MNOs to upsell additional capabilities to customers who care about QoS, service availability and on-going customer care.

SMEs – and especially micro-enterprises are currently poorly served by many MNOs. Despite this, the overwhelming majority of businesses have fewer than 50 employees. This represents a clear opportunity. The migration of enterprise and SME customers to LTE is a pivotal moment. It is an opportunity to add additional service packages, such as Mobile PBX and inbound call management to connectivity and call plan bundles.

If MNOs don’t capitalise on this opportunity, they risk simply becoming a smart pipe, as the enhanced connectivity they deliver will enable other providers to step in and begin to colonise this space. Gintel can help MNOs position and launch services for enterprise and SME customers, enabling them to deliver richer services and increase revenue while capitalising on the benefits of LTE. Why not find out how? Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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