MVNOs Need to Offer the Right Services to Drive Profit and Win Customers

Launching an MVNO has many attractions. There’s no need for a license or to invest in the huge cost of network infrastructure. But carving out a space in an increasingly crowded market demands more creativity these days. True, it’s still possible to build a business based on being the lowest priced operator, but that’s not really enough – consumers are increasingly demanding and want the smartest devices, the most attractive data bundles and so on. Competing on price alone is a race to the bottom and hard to win.

That’s why any existing or budding MVNO ought to take a long hard look at enterprise and SME customers. These users can be frustrated with existing solutions or just not taken seriously by other providers. Many MNOs have built successful businesses focused on such organisations – why can’t an MVNO?

The simple answer is that they can – there’s no good reason why an MVNO should embrace this market and deliver a service that offers better margins and returns. It’s down to motivation and an understanding of what potential enterprise and SME customers need.

Of course, there are specialists to help. We have years of experience in supporting our customers launch services targeted towards enterprise and SME customers. We’ve learnt what works, what doesn’t and how to deliver success from a targeted approach. We know what it takes and how to achieve it – and, in particular, we know how to differentiate services to make them attractive and compelling to prospective customers. Even more importantly, we know how to make services sticky – keeping existing customers happy is as important as attracting new ones.

There are significant gaps in the marketplace. With the right approach, an MVNO can capitalise on these to create a winning, profitable and sustainable business. If you are interested in finding out how to plan and launch services for SME and enterprise customers – and how to succeed, why not talk to us?

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