Vertical Differentiation and Focus Fuels Demand

Just as enterprises are different in terms of size, so they are also different in terms of activity. That’s why marketers expend considerable effort trying to understand industry segmentation. Vertical analyses can follow fairly obvious lines – legal, public sector, financial, service, professional and so on – but the fact that this seems obvious shouldn’t hide the benefits of thinking about your customers in this way.

And yet many service providers don’t explicitly build consideration of the different vertical segments and markets inhabited by their customers into their products. They tend to think purely in terms of size – creating business offers that are targeted towards enterprise and SME customers with different numbers of users.

Perhaps that’s because they don’t have the tools to create real differentiation for discrete user groups with their existing solutions. Traditional solutions tend to have a “one size fits all” approach that limits the service differentiation that can be achieved.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. We’ve helped our customers achieve such differentiation, creating special offers to target different kinds of enterprise, from start-ups to established multi-national businesses. This is hugely important and it should be a core element of any enterprise service delivery strategy.

But service providers can go beyond this and, by recognising that enterprise and SME customers in different industries and professions have different needs, they can make their services even more attractive. Perhaps these needs are not wildly different – but they are sufficiently different that it can make a difference if an organisation feels that the service provider is speaking to their needs or specifically targeting them with an offer. With Gintel, it’s easy for service providers to launch offers that are both horizontally segmented – in terms of organisation size – and vertically segmented – targeted towards specific industries and professions.

Creating this sense of personalisation can add significant value. And it’s not difficult; all it takes is some creativity and the right tools to introduce a blended package of features that meet the needs of particular users. After that, it’s just down to how the service is marketed.

In our experience, service providers that offer or create the impression of such specialisation can build superior loyalty and trust with their customer base, helping to win more business and build longer-term revenue success. We can help you create a differentiated offer to target different vertical and horizontal segments, ensuring that you offer your customers personalised services that build stickiness and long-term partnerships. Why not find out how we can help you achieve success with enterprise and SME customers by delivering more compelling offers?

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