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One of the things that we hear time and time again in our conversations with service providers is that they want both innovation and independence. They want to select a solution that delivers innovation and they want to look outside traditional channels to find it.

Innovation can be hard to define. Service providers want to be able to choose the best applications and solutions from the market. They like to review all the options and not simply be presented with the portfolio from one or two larger vendors.

And they also want persistence and consistency. We’ve seen numerous end-of-life announcements from traditional vendors in the last few years, leaving service providers locked in with little choice or opportunity to evolve services. Choosing a specialist with a long-term vision is becoming increasingly important.

There’s plenty of innovation in the market, but a specialist with a long-term commitment and focus on its solutions can offer a better partnership to ensure service success. After all, services are a long-term investment. Such investments need partners that can deliver excellence both at the time of selection and throughout the life of a service. That needs investment in product evolution and a roadmap – and the kind of focus that isn’t distracted by other concerns.

We’ve been a specialist vendor of advanced hosted enterprise solutions for service providers for more than a decade, with long experience in R&D dating back much further. That means we know what it takes to evolve applications and to adapt them to changing marketing needs and circumstances. It’s that accumulated experience that makes a difference for our customers and why we are known both for our expertise and our excellence.

But there’s more to independence than simply choosing a solution from an independent company. Service providers want solutions that can run on different platforms and be integrated into different network infrastructure. Their networks evolve and they need flexibility to accommodate that.

Our customers may be running a full IMS, they may have an NGIN solution or it may be something else. And, in all likelihood, the network will be subject to further evolution as it moves towards newer technologies such as LTE or incorporates other kinds of connectivity, such as WiFi.

They need flexibility, not a solution that can only be deployed in one way. And that’s what we deliver – something that is adapted to their unique requirements, depending on their particular circumstances. Again, that’s where we can help. Our customers know that our solution can be deployed on different platforms and in different environments, keeping pace with their network evolution requirements, or ensuring compatibility with different technologies that they leverage.

With Gintel, our customers are assured of our independence and our flexibility, enabling them to deploy our solutions with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they will evolve to meet new requirements and expectations. Our excellence, expertise and experience provide proven credentials that help them meet their service and operational goals.

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