Targeting and Value Added Services Can Drive Success as an Enterprise #MVNO

According to analyst firm ABI Research, the diversity and range of hardware and software solutions available in the enterprise has created an opportunity for MVNOs with an enterprise focus to prosper. The growing trend of BYOD combined with the general proliferation of devices available to users has created complexity within the enterprise and SME domain. MVNOs can address this by providing a clear proposition, based on device management and a range of contracts to resolve this challenge, enabling users to select the device of their choice or to be equipped with those authorised by their organisations.

But, it’s not enough to simply offer call packages. Dan Shey, enterprise practice director at ABI notes in a recent article that “Successful enterprise MVNOs need to target not only the right industries but also offer a range of value-added services - services for which they have more control and offer greater margins.”

This means that MVNOs need to add something to the packages they offer – otherwise, they can only compete on price. Value added services, as Mr Shey points out, can generate higher margins (and therefore more profit per user) and also give significant boosts to income.

Compelling and proven value added services that have simple value propositions are mobile PBX and mobile unified communications. These enable enterprise and SME customers to be more productive and to enjoy a complete set of PBX features on their mobile devices, as well as access rich messaging capabilities. While some such services can work on any device, some also offer enhanced capabilities via dedicated smartphone or soft clients, enabling IP communication, conferencing and connectivity with company address books.

ABI suggests that such services can contribute as much as 25% of revenue per enterprise or SME employee. If these services are offered in addition to other calling packages, that’s an easy way to find growth and boost income.

But in addition to offering services, ABI notes that MVNOs should target specific vertical segments, with customised or dedicated offers. To achieve this, MVNOs need platforms that are capable of customisation and tailoring to meet the needs of different target segments.

Overall, while the total number of addressable users is lower in the enterprise and SME domain, the margins and returns can be much higher than in consumer markets. Gintel offers a complete range of solutions that can help MVNOs target business users, from simple inbound call management platforms to comprehensive unified communications solutions. And, they are all available with a simple to use customisation tool that enables services to be tailored for specific user groups and segments. Our solutions can be deployed in the cloud, enabling rapid go to market and OPEX-only models.

Why not find out how to develop a compelling proposition for enterprise and SME customers by tapping into our expertise? Our solutions are deployed by MVNOs across a range of markets, which means we understand how to capture value and to succeed in competitive environments. Get in touch and find out more!

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