API Monetisation Effort: It’s About Partnerships

There has been considerable discussion and investment in efforts to first open and then create revenue from APIs. Leading operators have discussed their plans and, many have pledged to do so. Some have pursued a standards-based approach, but, in general, results have been modest.

Others have used the idea of the long tail, betting that from the mass of developers in the market, sufficient aggregate revenue can be captured to help offset declines from other parts of the business. But, in tandem with this, there has been a quiet revolution taking place.

Operators such as Telenor have recognised that the way to capture most value from API enablement programmes has been to focus on specific segments. They have invested in solutions that enable API capabilities for enterprise customers and their systems integration partners.

Such customers have a range of needs. By enabling them to marry capabilities from the core network and blend them into new applications or to enable new functionality from existing solutions, they have been able to create and capture significant value.

The concept of Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) is not new. Companies have recognised for some time that adding communications capabilities, such as voice, location, call recording, conferencing and so on to enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP and the like, can create new efficiencies and enhance productivity. That’s why smart operators have invested in exposure of such capabilities to their enterprise and systems integration partners.

By letting these companies create their own innovation and their own solutions, smart operators are simultaneously unlocking value in their networks and making shifting the focus for innovation to third parties. At the same time, they are investing in what they are good at: providing the best network capabilities, performance and quality of service.
At Gintel, we’ve been helping with these projects. Our Telco Service Gateway is a secure, reliable platform for exposing APIs for network resources to enterprise and systems integration partners. It has been deployed for several years in a leading Tier 1 network and is the key element in their innovation framework.

Our customers have benefited from our innovation. Now, they benefit from the innovation of their partners. It’s a win-win. Why not get in touch and see how we can help unlock your network and help you build profitable new partnerships?

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