Reducing Service Risk

When launching a new service, there is always an element of risk. Of course, many service providers are risk averse – but too much risk aversion leads to inertia and diminishes competitive effectiveness. It’s easy for competitive advantage to be eroded. The trick is to manage that risk and to ensure that it is fully accounted for, so that new services can be launched and competitive advantage maintained.

There are several approaches to this. One is to target services that have proven effective in other markets, to emulate these and launch in your own market ahead of competitors. This is a sensible approach and one that can lead to great rewards. Another is to emulate existing services in your own market with proven success – but to do so better and more effectively than your competitor.

We help our customers in both models: our success in delivering advanced services for business users in different markets means that we understand how to do it and can help our customers with the right approach. Because our solutions include customisation capabilities, it’s possible to rapidly achieve differentiation from competitive offers and to ensure that such differentiation is maintained through on-going service evolution.

Alternatives to this include adopting cloud-based offers, with no CAPEX requirements. Such an approach shortens time to market and shifts expenditure to OPEX models. At a time when CAPEX budgets are constrained, this can enable service providers to stay ahead of the game while protecting their overall financial goals.

Gintel can help you make the right decision, determining the best approach for your market and situation. Our flexible solutions enable service providers to get to market fast, to evolve and enhance their offers, and to do so with limited risk.

If you are thinking of targeting enterprise and SME customers, we can help remove the uncertainty from your service plans. Why not talk to us and see how our expertise, proven solutions and different deployment models can help you reduce risk and build new revenues, quickly?

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