Becoming a Differentiated MVNO #MVNOIS

The subject of how to achieve differentiation in the crowded MVNO market is gaining traction. Many are discussing how to move beyond being simply a low-cost option and how to attract higher ARPU customers. There are several approaches, sometimes based on brand extension and specific consumer groups.

Another approach is to target enterprise and SME customers. We have a number of MVNO customers who are doing just that. Having observed the success of MNOs in focusing on enterprise and SMEs, MVNOs are becoming aware of the opportunity this presents – both in terms of securing revenue and in terms of achieving differentiation.

The simple fact is that, while enterprise and SME customers need mobility, they are also cost conscious. They want to obtain the best value and will seek the provider that best meets their needs. This can be a traditional MNO and it can also be an MVNO.

Most MVNOs don’t often deploy infrastructure or value added services. But it’s easy for them to do so as part of their agreements with the host MNO. The question is, what kind of service will help MVNOs most easily and quickly target enterprise and SME customers, and which will generate the best ROI.

Enterprise and SME users need enhanced communication services. They want to have features such as those available from a PBX, conferencing, messaging and so on – but without the cost of investing in any premises-based equipment.

With Gintel’s Mobile Cloud UC platform, that’s exactly what MVNOs can offer. They can deliver advanced PBX, conferencing and messaging functionality via any mobile device, and offer extra features to smartphone users via intelligent client applications – but without CAPEX from the customer.

It works both ways too – so the MVNO can deploy services in an OPEX model and grow according to the success of their business. MVNOs can select the services they want to deploy, tailored to their marketplace and leverage a mature, turnkey solution that enables them to get to market fast and secure rapid ROI.

Instead of struggling to identify growth opportunities or competing on price alone, MVNOs have an alternative. Deliver a differentiated service for which there is proven demand, using applications from a leading vendor that has years of proven success and stability.

Why not talk to Gintel and find out how MVNOs can achieve differentiation and build a business focused on enterprise and SME customers?

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